Our Story

By six weeks old our youngest daughter Sophia hadn’t slept more than an hour at a time since coming home from the hospital. Professional diagnoses suggested this was a simple case of colic. Some insisted “babies cry” and the best thing we could do was leave her alone and she would stop on her own. But she didn’t.

Working under the suspicion she may have a bladder infection we took Sophia to see the family doctor. After the examination we were referred immediately to a local pediatrician. Within the hour Sophia was admitted to the hospital. She was losing weight.

After a week in the pediatric ward and a battery of tests Sophia was diagnosed with celiac disease, lactose intolerance and a severe allergy to soy. This didn’t come as a surprise as Sophia’s mother Laura (and head chef) was diagnosed celiac at age sixteen. It was later determined these conditions were also shared by Sophia’s older sister Nadja.

When we tell this story people often remark how difficult it must have been to hear the news and what a struggle it must be to feed your family. No question there have been challenges… reading every label three times (once when you buy it, once when you put it away and once before you prepare it) watching the look of fear on the faces of your friends and family when you ask “what did you make that with?” or watching your toddler eat an apple at a pizza party.

Rather than take this as something negative that would hold her back we adjusted our focus and took a new approach. Sophia was simply given a license to eat healthy for the rest of her life.

That’s when everything started. We learned quickly that gluten-free / allergy-free food can be difficult to find and difficult to store with a limited variety, high cost and most important to a fussy toddler…the taste. More often than not gluten-free doesn’t equal great taste… those of you who’ve made a sandwich with rice bread will know what we mean.

Six years later Sophia’s Bakery & Cafe offers a wide variety of desserts and meals that each passed the two most important tests…

“does this taste as good as the real thing?” and as Sophia says “is not ouchy belly for me”.



  1. Do you carry deserts which have no egg or dairy as well?

  2. hi Teresa, we do carry egg and dairy free but those are typically to order. We’ve seen a big increase in the demand for egg free since opening… we now offer a gluten free / vegan red velvet cupcake at least once a week… http://sophiaglutenfree.com/gluten-free-and-vegan/

    Give us a call at 519.209.5606 and we can answer any questions you have and see about getting you some desserts :) Thanks for your question Teresa!!

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