Octopus sushi cake. Need we say more?

April 3, 2012  |  Sophia Gluten Free News

I made this cake for Luke’s last birthday. Our other company is called Octopus Red and we both love sushi so I thought this would be a nice surprise icon smile Octopus sushi cake. Need we say more?

At over 50 servings this was one of the largest gluten free fondant cakes we’ve done to date. Below the fondant decor was a combination of spiced carrot cake (wooden board) and a dark mocha chocolate cake (octopus) the sushi pieces were made individually by hand and each grain of rice inside the sushi rolls was made from fondant as well. Every Gluten Free birthday cake from Sophia’s is made to order and is quoted on an individual basis. Prices will vary based on size and complexity. Give us a call at 519 209 5606 for more information.

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