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You don’t get much more basic than bread. Those among you who’s digestive systems can still process gluten will undoubtedly take bread for granted. From grilled cheese sandwiches to french toast to a simple dinner roll… bread is everywhere. For those of us who’s bodies can no longer process gluten it’s the basic simplicity of bread we miss the most. It’s the foundation of so many of life’s comfort foods.

After more than six years and countless trials we’ve discovered a formula that produces a loaf of bread that tastes every bit as good as any loaf of multigrain bread on the market but is completely free of gluten and doesn’t need to be frozen. That’s right, you don’t have to freeze our bread. Leave it on the counter or put it in a bread box. Just like bread.

Sophia’s multigrain bread is made fresh daily, Monday to Friday.

For more information or to find out how to order please call 519 209 5606



  1. Wow! what timing.. My daughter just started school at Wilfred Laurier in Brantford and is having a heck of a time finding Gluten free foods! We drove by your shop last evening and was pleased to see your sign… She will be dropping by in the next few days and will probably bring a few friends.

  2. Thank you so much for the only good egg sandwich I’ve had in a year & a half! I love the fact that your bread is regular size (I bow to your awesomeness!)…soft too, and…wait for it…does NOT have to be frozen!!! Suggestion: loaf without flax seeds (or ground)…for those of us who can’t digest seeds very well.
    As promised, I did a glowing review on Gluten Free Ontario. I’m having one of your cinnamon buns for dessert tonight (I’ve already had a tiny taste)…another bit of awesome! Keep up the good work! I just wish it didn’t take so long for us to get there, but it was well worth our trip.
    Cheers, Lynne!

  3. Sorry for the slow response, things have been a little crazy :) I hope your daughter has had a chance to pop by the store. Have a great night!

  4. Thank you very much for the kind words Lynne!! We’re very happy you could make it in today. We just read the review on Gluten Free Ontario, very cool stuff thank you again. Let us know when you plan on heading down, we make a different soup each day of the week and if you have a favourite we can make that the soup of the day. Have a great weekend Lynne and we’ll talk soon!

  5. I have tried so many gluten free breads in Canada and the USA that are just plain heavy and tasteless. I had almost all but sworn off sandwiches and toast. Sophia’s Gluten Free bread is the BEST gluten free bread I have ever had! It is so true to “real” bread I had to ask my sister “are you SURE this is gluten free bread?” It is so light and tasty. Thanks to Angela and D’Arcy for bringing me 6 loaves of this wonderful bread to Windsor during the holidays. I hope that Sophia’s Bakery and Cafe expands to my little corner of Ontario! I have been enjoying toast for breakfast and a hot turkey sandwich already! I can’t wait to make other sandwiches again. I can’t rave enough about this bread. I can’t wait to share this bread with my gluten free friends.
    Thanks for making the BEST gluten free bread. I believe you will be wildly successful!

  6. Thank you very much Nella, very kind of you! We’ve talked a lot about expanding, who knows we might end up moving west :) next time you’re in town stop by for lunch, we do soups and sandwiches everyday and there’s always lots of desserts to choose from. Have a great Day Nella!

  7. some kind words from a customer via Facebook… “If anyone gets to the Brantford area…Sophia’s Bakery & Cafe 60 Colborne St…Yay!!! Was there today. Well worth the trip…multi-grain BREAD THAT LOOKS & TASTES LIKE BREAD! This bread is HIGH, people! I ordered an egg sandwich & almost choked when I saw the size of it…bread slices at least 3/4 of an inch thick and REGULAR size! Soft and squishy and totally yummy!

  8. Had a slice of this bread last night at a dinner party. I have *never* had such fantastic gluten-free bread. I will be recommending you to my mother and sister too!!!

  9. Thank you very much Jacqui I’m glad you liked it!

  10. Moving to west brant in May and can’t wait to try your foods! So happy to have gluten free in town! Your reviews and website is delightful!

  11. Thank you very much Amy, very kind of you! And welcome to Brantford! :) You’ll have to stop by for lunch next time you’re in town.

  12. A very nice comment from Anne Wilson left on our facebook. Thanks Anne!

    “If you have to eat gluten free it is worth the drive to Brantford. The bread, brownies, cookies and squares taste like real food. You can s’lice the bread and butter it with hard butter without it falling apart. It really is a miracle. A one woman bakery owned by a woman with celiac disease who has a daughter with celiac disease.

  13. Hello there, I can see everybody so excited about the gluten free goodies that you have. It got me mouth watering. However you are quite far. Do you deliver or do you have another shop closer to Milton?

  14. hey Pedro, unfortunately we don’t deliver that far just yet. We’re working on plans for expansion as we speak but we’re still a few months away from that now. We have customers from your area that come up once a month, buy all their bread and freeze it. Our bread keeps fresh for 5-6 days on the counter but it does freeze well. We’ve had customers take as many as 10-15 loaves with them on extended holidays all over the world with great success. Let us know if you’re ever up for a drive down to Brantford, we’re more than happy to put an order together for whatever you need. Thanks Pedro!

  15. A very nice message on our facebook from one of our customers…

    “Last week my husband was in Brantford for business and someone at the airport recommended your place. He brought home a still-warm loaf of bread and a bunch of samplers for us to try. I have to say you make THE BEST BREAD I have had yet, and your pastries were fabulous as well. Wish you were closer but next trip he has down your way he will stop in and stock up! Thank you so much and continued success!!” ~Lisa Cook

  16. Thank you very much for the awesome feedback Tammy!

    “Today I visited your store for the very first time and purchased two loaves of bread. We have just arrived home and my daughter was super excited about trying your bread. She absolutely LOVES it! You’re right about the smell…so yummy! She’s loving the chocolate cookie too! :) Thanks!”

  17. Another really nice comment on our facebook from our good friend Steph Paige, cheers Steph!

    “So I went out for lunch today with the Vice Pres of my company, who turns out can’t eat gluten… I thought I’d tell her about you, and when I said ‘there’s a great gluten-free bakery in Brantford’ she said “Sophia’s? I know! They have the best bread in the world! Randy (our President & CEO) gets all of his food from there too!” … it was an awesome moment :)”

  18. Susan Noort left a very thoughtful message on our Facebook, thanks for the support Susan!

    “Today was my first visit to Sophia’s. I was greeted with such friendly, helpful service and even got to sample some bread before purchasing. I am shocked at how good the product is!!!!! So soft, fresh, and the same size as regular slices of bread. The triple chocolate cookie (gluten free of course) was to die for! I will be back! Yum :)”

  19. From Theresa Barrick, thanks Theresa!!

    “Thanks for such a great egg salad sandwich today. Brought home an amazing loaf of fresh gf bread. Easily the best one that my daughter & I have ever had! The cookies were excellent also. My non-gf son was trying to devour them.”

  20. When you’re an adult and find out you have a gluten allergy it’s hard because you know what real bread tastes like. When my niece told me about your bakery I was hopefull to say the least.
    Well I got my two loaves yesterday…well, 1 now and I AM IN LOVE!!

  21. We ordered a Christmas platter of goodies last year.
    Everyone enjoyed the goods!
    Looking forward to the Christmas baking this year !


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