Downtown Brantford Revitalization

One of the most incredible things that’s happened to the bakery in terms of advertising in our first year has been the OLG commercial surrounding the revitalization of downtown Brantford. From November 2012 to February 2013 a 30 second version of the commercial aired on prime time television in heavy rotation. Laura and I were the opening 8 seconds of the commercial with Laura speaking.

About a month ago the OLG began airing a 60 second version of the 90 second Brantford-specific commercial featuring both Laura and myself speaking as well as the inside of the bakery, the bread and the best part was an exterior shot of our little gluten free bakery icon smile Downtown Brantford Revitalization Over the last month it’s aired during Hockey Night in Canada, Survivor, Dragon’s Den and a handful of other shows during the prime time slot. Not only has this been an amazing boost for our business, but as community-minded individuals we were thrilled to be a part of something positive for downtown Brantford. You might says it’s the icing on the cake… no pun intended of course icon smile Downtown Brantford Revitalization

olg commercial Downtown Brantford Revitalization

olg commercial 2 Downtown Brantford Revitalization


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